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The Healing Power of Himalayan Salt

Posted on April 11 2018


It’s known to have healing qualities and it’s delightfully pink; there's lots to love about Himalayan salt. The question is, how do we incorporate it into clean living?


But first, some background information: contrary to popular belief, Himalayan salt is actually hand-mined from ancient sea salt deposits in Khewra Salt Mines Punjab, Pakistan, 300 miles away from the Himalayan mountains and not from the mountains themselves.



Trace amounts of potassium, magnesium and calcium give the salt its pink colour and its pungent taste. It’s thought to increase hydration, creating an electrolyte balance. Himalayan salt helps to regulate water content, balances PH levels, prevents muscle cramping, helps with metabolism, strengthen bones and lower blood pressure.



It’s considered to be the purest form of salt on earth, originally formed 250 million years ago from marine fossil deposits.




Himalayan salt is also popularly created in the form of lamps emitting a mystical pink glow and considered to promote wellness. Himalayan salt lamps emit small amounts of negative ions that help clear lungs, thought to reduce anxiety and promote a peaceful environment for sleep. They absorb water and particles from the air. 



More significantly, pollen, dust, dirt and pollutants carry a positive charge, which is why they are suspended in the air. These positive ions are subsequently absorbed by Himalayan salt lamps in their immediate vicinity.


So whether you sprinkle it onto your food, light a bedside salt lamp, or treat yourself to a Himalayan salt cave retreat, the effect is mildly to moderately therapeutic for most enthusiasts and to be taken by sceptics with a pinch of, well, salt.

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